Rick Stein, Marlborough 🇬🇧

This is the third time I’ve been to Rick Stein in Marlborough, so I thought I’d do a quick mini-post. Based in the small market town of Marlborough in Wiltshire it is not far from the prehistoric site of Avebury (also worth a visit).


The restaurant is in a historic townhouse over two floors and in 4 different rooms. It has been lovingly restored and I adore the interiors, using soft colours and beautiful fabrics but somehow managing to maintain a homely feel. It definitely feels like a special place to be.


The only thing some people may not like is the proximity of the tables, so probably not a restaurant to come to if you have private business to discuss.

Their set lunch menu is £19.95 for 2 courses or £24.95 for 3 courses (some dishes need a side dish which is extra). This time my friend chose from the set lunch menu and had a pork & herb terrine to start followed by:


Hake Laksa


Passion Fruit Pavlova

The only thing I tried was the Sambal on the fish which was amazing. They really need to put more of that on this dish!

Being unable to eat gluten I often don’t have much choice with set menus so I chose from the A La Carte Gluten-Free Menu which is obviously quite a bit more expensive:


Ceviche of Seabass & Prawns


Hake with Tomato & Capers


Milk Chocoalte & Rose Cream

The Ceviche was slightly heavy on lemon for my liking but the Hake was divine – so beautifully cooked and well balanced with the wonderful Mediterranean-style sauce. I  had it with a side of roasted sweet potatoes and beetroot which I would come back for alone, it was so delicious.

The chocolate dessert I had had before and really love. If you like Turkish Delight – this is like a grown-up, sophisticated cousin and yet somehow it manages to not be overly sweet (although maybe that’s just me!). It’s always such a treat to see a gluten-free dessert on the menu that’s not a panacotta or pavlova!

On previous visits I have had:


Tuna Carpaccio


Indonesian Fish Curry

…and a few others I haven’t photographed and therefore forgotten!

The flavours at Rick Stein’s restaurant are quite clean and tend not to be overly complex or bold in order to focus  perhaps on the delicate nature of the fish. The fish is cooked beautifully and I will be coming back here again (particularly as I have family in the area). I think next time I’ll have two courses – a main, side and dessert with a glass of one of their lovely wines.

For further information and to book click here.


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