Kettner’s Townhouse, London πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

Being a Soho House fan (incase you haven’t noticed), I got very excited at this new venture.


Like me, Nick Jones seems to be somewhat of a 1920’s/vintage fan so I knew this little Georgian gem in London’s Soho would be special.

Sure enough as you step through these doors, it is as if you have been transported back in time to a place of Β clandestine meetings and decadence.

With just 33 bedrooms, a piano bar, champagne bar (only open to people staying and their guests) and French restaurant this is not a big hotel by any stretch of the imagination but it is certainly big in character.



We had some really unusual but great cocktails in the champagne bar. I loved the atmosphere in there in the evening – it felt like a British version of a speakeasy.

They have yet to put in a lift which wasn’t a problem for us but it could be for some people, particularly with this beautiful spiral staircase :


We had booked a Medium room (they have 8 categories) but they kindly upgraded us to a Medium Plus which was spread over two floors with a shower room and toilet downstairs…


….and a huge bedroom with roll-top bath upstairs:


I would love to know what their ‘Big’ bedroom is like!

This hotel is definitely not for everybody and I am generally not one for busy, clashing fabrics and patterns in bedrooms but somehow it just works here. Β There are so many fun touches and vintage-style pieces that it just put a smile on my face.


The staff here are really nice and I would definitely like to come back here and eat in the restaurant (you need to book) as we only ate breakfast here.


For further info and booking click here.



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