Accessories Update

As you may know, I am a mad accessories fan. They are such a fun and easy way to update your wardrobe and don’t (always) have to break the bank.

I still have a crazy obsession for earrings and so does the fashion world – we’re talking abstract and fairly big. Judging from the Fall/Winter 2018 runways this obsession is going to continue for the rest of the year so now is a good time to invest to get maximum wear.


I have been particularly lusting after Annie Costello Brown’s earrings for quite some time. I love the use of colour and lightweight materials such as oxidised brass. These ones are asymmetrical and hinged in the middle which means they are constantly moving. (Unfortunately this particular colour-way is sold out so I have linked to a similar pair on the image above.) Cheaper alternatives I like are here and here.


I adore wearing mismatched earrings and have for quite a few years now. When I was in London recently I popped into Dover Street Market which is a great place to visit if you love contemporary jewellery, fashion and art (although this time around I was a bit disappointed with the lack of ‘new designers’). Here I fell in love with the geometric fine jewellery designs of the Japanese brand Shihara.

Yuta Ishihara launched the brand in 2010 and last year it was reported by ‘National Jeweler’ as ‘One to Watch’. Ishihara is re-thinking the way jewellery is designed and these earrings are simply stunning in their design, seemless simplicity and fineness. They are sold singularly and come in lots of different sizes and materials. The 3-dimensional shapes change depending on what angle you view them from (so best with hair up) and the shapes are seamless. So very clever…can you tell, I’m mad about them?! Although they’re expensive (they are fine jewellery) I know I’ll get a lot of wear out of them over the years.

Another thing I bought whilst in London was…


…a Loewe elephant/coin purse/bag charm (available here). I know it’s totally crazy but I’ve been lusting after one of these for a couple of years now and have always managed to talk myself out of buying one – until now! This colour (which is actually a quite acid/neon yellow) just completely sold me as it’s one I can use all-year-round to breathe a new lease of life and colour-pop into my vintage bags. Plus, it just makes me smile everytime I look at it.


I love the textured leather and you have to commend Loewe for their leather craftsmanship – it really is like a mini work of art.


I’ve always loved fun accessories but as I get older I am definitely more brave about wearing slightly controversial pieces. Plus, if you’re not into wearing colours, accessories are a great way to add some.

This Summer (and before then) I’ll definitely be getting lots of wear out of these:


These are by the wonderful Mercedes Salazar. I love that every pair is handmade using artisanal techniques from and in her native Colombia. If these don’t scream ‘tropical sunshine’, I don’t know what does. (Cheap alternative here.)


I am so excited to wear these, I think I’ll start wearing them in the Spring with a bright knit.

Other, more subdued additions are this Theory bag and Zara shoes:

If you’re not aware – sling-backs and kitten-heels are having a major moment (still). These also tick a third box as in ‘polka dots’ and they’re only £29.99! I’m also happy to report that they seem comfy (although haven’t had a complete road test) and are true-to-size. I am not a huge fan of sling backs as I find my heels invariably slide off the back (not elegant!) but as these have very elastic backs they make me feel a bit more secure.

Typical me – I bought the cheap shoes and then decided I simply didn’t have a bag to go with them (does anyone else do this?) and thus another more expensive purchase was made.

I do love this gold (it is definitely more gold than yellow) bag though as there are 3 ways to carry it (it comes in a variety of colours with a chain for cross-body wear, a leather handle and metal ring for top-handle use) although I would have liked the satin to be softer and better quality. It’s really a clutch-size but a lot more useful. In warmer weather I do prefer a non-leather bag so I think this will be ideal.

My next fashion post will be on Spring jackets and if you would like a post about anything specific, let me know.





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