The Net-a-Porter Sale

Eeek, I can’t believe it’s that time of year already. I am desperately trying to finish what seems like never-ending Christmas shopping and I guess for some lucky people the Net-a-Porter sale could be a good opportunity to buy some gifts; either for your other half, a great friend, family member or yourself.

Every year I write on this blog that I’m “trying to be good” but I think most people are (particularly at Christmas). I have learnt from many years of sales shopping that buying something on a whim, because it’s ‘a bargain’ is probably the worst reason for getting something. As is buying something that is currently a ‘cult’ item (quite frankly if I’ve seen the same item more than 5+ times on social media, I’m usually sick of it already and know that the longevity in my wardrobe will be highly dubious). The only things that have managed to survive this issue tend to be the more classic, comfy items; for example, my Gucci loafers and trainers (which I’d still buy today).

Anyway, enough of my waffling; here are my picks (if money were no object and I had an empty wardrobe):

Under £200

This sale does seem to include more late Summer pieces, so I expect they won’t release much of the knitwear and coats until the New Year or even later, which is perhaps a little disappointing. However if you’re going away somewhere warm over the holidays or can wait to wear your sales items, there are some beautiful things to snap up.

As well as shopping the sales via my wishlist, I also tend to shop the sales by brands/designers I love. For me, this year at Net-a-Porter they include: Roksanda, Etro and Rianna & Nina.

Under £500

I have bought the pink sleeveless Roksanda top as I bought one in navy at the beginning of the year and love how classically elegant it is with the high-neck that ties at the back.  This one in a slightly sugary pink is bit more fun and I’ll be pairing it with either pink or red trousers, depending on my mood.

£500 Plus

Unfortunately (and typically) all the brands/designers on my ‘lust list’ tend to fall in this price category. These are big investment pieces but they are so unique that they’ll never not be stylish. They are also very bold, statement pieces that alot of people tend to be too timid to wear.

Perhaps surprisingly to some, I have always been quite a shy person and it is only in the last 10 years that I have been wearing such bold pieces. For me, they have been quite transformative and on the occasions that I wear them, I am always amazed at what great ice-breakers/conversation-starters they are. I am sure the world would be a happier place if more people took the plunge and wore more colour!


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