Sezincote House and Gardens 🇬🇧

Due to the pandemic we have not left the U.K. for over a year now. This has been tough as we, like so many other people, love to travel.

When we stayed in the Cotswolds last year we visited the magical house and gardens of Sezincote. It is understandably known as ‘India in the Cotswolds’ due to it’s architecture being based on Moghul Indian palaces. We visited on a beautiful day and it really felt like we had arrived in India:

There is even a tuk-tuk and ornately decorated Indian vintage car parked outside:

Even though we didn’t go inside, the house and gardens are such a feast for the eyes with so much to explore we didn’t feel like it was necessary. (This is a private house so if you do want to visit you need to book in advance here.)

Attached to the house is the most beautiful orangery. It must be the most wonderful place for a wedding or party:

The gardens are substantial and have that ‘secret garden’ quality to them with lots of exotic trees and unique features. It felt like we had stepped into the most beautiful film.

It would be the perfect place for a childhood game of hide and seek.

Finding gems such as this has certainly made staying in the U.K. bearable.

Sezincote is reopening on the 21st of April and you need to book tickets and a time slot in advance.

Here’s hoping that we can have a bit more freedom this year. I already have a few staycations pencilled in and am keeping everything crossed that they can happen.

I hope you are all staying safe and well.


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