Lockdown Buys

As I haven’t been spending much on fashion lately, I thought I’d share what else I’ve been buying.

The first two lockdowns I bought things like leggings, loungewear and decorative objects for the home.

This lockdown it’s been a real mix of clothing essentials (things that need replacing), makeup and a few electrical items. For those that don’t know, any links are in purple and none of this post is sponsored (I just write this blog for fun).


I have bought quite a lot of skincare and makeup over the past year from a variety of places (notably Space NK, Cult Beauty and Net-a-Porter). It’s definitely worth shopping around online at the moment as there are lots of deals to be found.

The Universal Emulsion by Lixirskin was recommended to me by a good friend as a base for makeup. I don’t like putting this around my eyes and crows feet as it makes the skin feel tight but I put it everywhere else and it certainly keeps my makeup (even my cream blushers) in place all day. I particularly like it with the YSL blur primer over the top which is great for making your skin appear dewy and radiant and helps makeup glide over the skin more easily.

I also love the YSL Shimmer Stick (this one is in the colour ‘copper’). I use it on my temples, cheekbones and forehead (near the hairline) to give myself a healthy glow. And lastly I adore the peachy colour and cream consistency of Westman Atelier’s Minette blusher which I put on the apples of my cheeks.

Electronic Beauty Device

I am really quite excited about this purchase. It’s one of those things I have thought about having done in a salon for quite some time but never committed to.

For those that don’t know; it’s an at-home IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair remover which uses light technology to damage the hair follicles so hair eventually doesn’t grow back as fast (if, at all).

This is a new purchase this week so I can’t give any feedback apart from the fact that it’s easy to use (just glide it over freshly-shaved skin) once a week for up to 12 weeks and then you gradually reduce the time you use it (depending on results). It is slightly uncomfortable to use; like a rubber band being flicked sharply onto your skin but it’s no worse than epilating. I chose this Braun one as I liked the fact you don’t have any additional purchases such as cartridges and it’s quite quick to use (each leg takes 10 minutes).

If you are thinking of investing in one, make sure it’s right for your skin and hair tone (this one works best on pale skin and dark hair) and definitely read the reviews. (I might report back in 12 weeks with an update if anyone’s interested.) If you’re in the Northern hemisphere, it’s a great time to do it as you’re skin isn’t being exposed to UV light.


I think this has been the first ever Winter sales season that I haven’t gone a bit crazy on fashion purchases and my bank balance is looking a lot healthier for it. There are so many amazing bargains to be had too. Fashion just seems to be such an indulgence at the moment.

I bought these J Brand Alana jeans in the Net-a-Porter sale (they were the last pair in the sale but they’re also available here). These are replacing some old J Brand Maria jeans. (The shoes I’ve had for a few years are by Nicolas Kirkwood, similar in red by Manolo Blahnik here or pink by Russell & Bromley here.)

I am quite petite (3ft 2”/96.52cm) so this length is perfect on me (I have to shorten the Maria ones) and because the material is less stretchy I am hoping they’ll last a bit longer. I am really pleased with them and am even thinking about investing in a lighter blue pair.

I have also bought a few of these Sweaty Betty sports bras:

They are so unbelievably comfy I also wear them as a normal bra and I’ll probably buy another one in one of their new brighter colours. (Probably not best for those with a bigger bust as they only offer light support.)


I don’t now about you, but I am getting so sick of cooking and eating the same things the whole time. If anyone has found any new food-finds/discoveries (preferably gluten-free) do let me know as I need some inspiration.

I have re-discovered almond butter; I used to eat it a lot but somehow got out of the habit of buying it. I love this one as it doesn’t contain any palm oil:

I love it spread on sliced apple as a healthy but filling snack.

A completely new discovery are these colourful gluten-free wraps by Genius:

These are not particularly tasty on their own but are a great gluten-free, low-carb, high fibre and colourful (they’re also vegan) option for quick weekday lunches. I love them with plenty of leaves, avocado, salsa and goats cheese or spicy chicken.

Electrical home buy

I admit this is really boring but wow, does it work! I’ve decided that now is a good time to deep clean some areas of the house (snore; but what else is there to do?) so I purchased this:

It’s perfect for cleaning grouting and I’m rather painstakingly using it to clean our kitchen floor (you can see the before and after above 🙈). If you’re going to use it on a large area though you will need a lot of AA batteries (and patience) as it certainly gets through them.

I hope you’re all keeping safe, well and occupied during this time and if you have any lockdown recommendations, I’d love to hear them.


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