Autumn Fashion Updates

This Autumn is certainly unusual on the fashion-front. The pandemic and working from home has certainly had an influence on what we buy (if we buy) and the fashion industry seems to have responded to this with an emphasis on loungewear and more easy to wear/practical pieces.

I for one, am certainly going out a lot less and when I do meet up with people it’s outside, so I will certainly not be buying any super-glam pieces for a while. On top of that, I am still WFH and our house is old and extremely drafty so my focus is on keeping warm.

Great knitwear is always on the agenda for Autumn/Winter and as usual, I’ll do a dedicated post on the subject, however, it seems crazy not to touch on it here as it’s such an essential this season.

Collared knitwear is particularly in-fashion and has a leisure-wear/70s/menswear feel to it. They are also great layering pieces and look great with chunky chain necklaces, leggings, jeans, and tucked into trousers. I really wanted to buy into this trend as I get a really cold neck and so love a high collar, plus I like the versatility and the fact I can wear my lovely necklaces I bought in the Summer with them. The other great thing is that they are available at all price-points so you can go for a high street version or a super-luxe cashmere designer one. I really wanted a chunkier version but didn’t want to spend a massive amount so went for this one by Reiss, which I have worn non-stop since receiving it.

I layer mine with either a t-shirt or a cashmere jumper underneath, depending on the weather.

Other ones in this style I like are (cheapest first):

Chunky boots are another practical staple this season. I’m trying to be good by not purchasing another pair as I already have my lace-up ones I found at Russell & Bromley last year. Chunky Chelsea boots and rubber boots are the ones to look out for:

I also added a shorter jacket to my wardrobe in late Summer and continue to wear it now with chunkier knits underneath:

I bought it (size-up one) as I really loved the colour, high collar and tucked shoulders (a paired-back version of Isabel Marant’s).

I must admit though, that when I first received it I wasn’t 100 percent convinced, as although it’s lined, it was a much lighter-weight than I expected and the buckles at the side are too heavy for the fabric to stay done-up. After a few wears however, I‘ve found myself continuously reaching for it, as it’s extremely comfortable and easy to throw-on (it’s now over half-price).

Reiss have now bought out a warmer version in cream which is really tempting:

It looks so chic just left open over the top of a cream/off-white/beige ensemble. Not the most practical colour though!

Outerwear trends don’t appear to have changed much from last year which is good news for our wardrobes and our wallets. Over-sized is still the way to go and longer-length coats and trenches give more of a relaxed masculine silhouette, allowing room for those much-needed layers once Winter kicks-in.

The muted palette of last year also continues this year together with heritage patterns/textures such as tweed, houndstooth, herringbone and tartan.

Bag-wise, I won’t be investing but bringing out my vintage Chanel, focusing on the ones with shorter chain straps that sit just under the arm. If I were to buy a bag though, it would be something less recognisable such as one of these:

My vintage bags though, come out year after year and really are the best investment pieces.

It’s interesting that this season, this year, fashion really seems to be focusing on wearability and I think now, more than ever, that is exactly what we all need.


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