Destination: home

Thankfully we have had some amazing weather here in the U.K. already. Being a keen traveler though is tough at the moment. We’ve already had to cancel our Easter holiday and are now wondering if we’ll have our Summer holiday.

I for one, am not used to spending so much time at home. There are perks though; I’ve finally been forced to slow down the pace of my life and now have the time (and inclination) to do some jobs at home that desperately needed doing.

Suddenly home has become the most important place in the world and my nesting instincts have kicked in.  More than ever I want our home to be a place of sanctuary and relaxation.


My hubby and I have always collected things for our home on our travels and now we can’t travel, I’ve become more and more inspired by trips we’ve taken in the past and have found myself trawling online home decor shops in a bid to recreate holiday memories at home. (Links to my new additions and wishlist items are at the bottom of this post.)

Most of my recent home purchases have been influenced by our holiday to Portugal a couple of years ago. The first place we stayed was at Casa Amora in Lisbon and I was immediately taken with their amazing collection of pottery:

It was a theme that continued to our second Portuguese destination (Villa Pedra) and by then I was smitten:


Ever since I have been adding Bordallo Pinheiro pieces to my wish list and finally I caved. I don’t think I’d go as far as putting it on our walls but by putting it on our table/s it brings me so much joy:


These are the large size pepper containers and are great for storing things and putting an element of fun into the kitchen.



What I love about these pieces is that you can mix and match them. I didn’t want everything to match as I love a colourful table:


I’ve also recently visited our local garden centre, as since lockdown I have become obsessed with getting more flowers in the house and garden. Again, it’s all about bringing colour and texture into the home, albeit temporarily.

I couldn’t help myself when I came across these fun vases:


They look great on the garden table but would also look really cute in a bathroom.

Flowers, tableware, pottery and vases are a great way to bring a bit of freshness into your house and lift your mood, which is so important at the moment. They don’t have to be expensive either and you can always collect pieces over time and trawl for secondhand pieces online (I love Vinterior).


I also bought these small bud vases by LSA:


I absolutely love them and hope to get a few more as they also look great on a dining table mixed in with larger, more dramatic arrangements.


Throughout our house we have a real mix of old and new. I think this and collecting things we love over a period of time has bought a real eclectic feel to our home.


I think interiors can be so fashion-led at the moment and as a result they can begin to look the same. More than ever it’s important to buy things you really love. My current new additions and wishlist items are:

I definitely have a bit of an obsession with ceramics at the moment!

Maybe home is not a bad place to be for the holidays after all.


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