Early Summer Fashion Picks

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you may know that I’ve really been trying to buy less on the fashion-front and if I’m honest, it goes in fits and starts. I haven’t bought any high fashion, ‘trend-led’ items for a year or so which is great, as the things I am buying have more longevity that way.

This year I have decided to invest in more tops (knits and shirts) and I really wanted more blue in my wardrobe as it’s a colour I love and yet I have very little in my wardrobe. Royal blue in particular, is not always that easy to find (until recently). I have therefore managed to justify these new purchases:

(The cashmere crew neck is actually more purple-blue.)

The waistcoat can be used on its own or as a layering piece.


I’m also still loving a lighter-weight turtle neck.


Zimmerman is also high up on my lust-list this year and their Summer pieces always leave me drooling. I bought one of their silk shirts last year and fell in love with the beautiful cut and detailing.

I’ve had my eye on their paisley shirt for quite some time, so when Mytheresa had 30% off, I had a moment of weakness.


It’s quite over-sized (I bought a size 0) and sheer in places but as with everything Zimmerman it’s beautiful and all the fine details are there. (Unfortunately it’s sold-out in most places now.) The colours are stunning:


To be honest my Summer wardrobe is actually pretty complete, the only things I might add are some new gold jewellery, a kaftan (as I can never resist), one more dress and some swimwear. 

I am always adding things to my wish list though, out of habit more than anything. A few pieces high up on the list are:


My next fashion post will be on Summer dresses. (Let’s hope we all get to wear them somewhere other than in our own homes.)

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