A Return to Oxford

Just before lockdown, I returned to Oxford with some great friends and retraced my steps from my last visit; seeing it through different eyes. It’s a trip I think back on a lot since we’ve been confined to our homes; it was a wonderful weekend filled with a great deal of fun and laughter.

We started the trip by going to Soho Farmhouse for an amazing lunch at Pen Yen:


I was really keen to show my friends around as it’s such a fun and unique place to visit. Of course, we had to explore by bike, visit the gift shops and have an obligatory few games of table tennis:



I’m already eager to go back as they have built the most amazing tropical house which wasn’t open at the time we were there. (We looked through the windows and it looks stunning.)


We then headed to our stop for the night; Mollies Motel and Diner:


Of course I had stayed here previously with my family (my kids love it) so it was interesting to see how it would work with a group of friends. It’s worth noting that they don’t have twin rooms but you can book a quadruple room (bunk beds). As friends who have known each other for a long time (and knowing that the beds are huge) we opted to share two double rooms which we asked to be interconnected. It worked really well

Before booking again I did notice that Mollies had received mixed reviews which made me a bit nervous, but apart from experiencing a few problems with the booking app, it was all the good things I remembered it to be. It’s worth noting that when I stay, I do always book breakfast and dinner at the diner as it can get very busy.


I really don’t think you can beat it for a great value weekend away without compromising on style.

After breakfast we headed into Oxford. This time around I should have been more prepared and done some research on parking as a bit of driving around was required before we found anywhere.

Oxford is always worth it though:


The highlight for me on this trip was getting to go into Christ Church College; there’s not a great deal to see but it’s really beautiful all-the-same:


Some people might recognise the famous dining hall there:



Of course, a visit to Oxford would not be complete without stopping in to see some of my favourites at the Ashmolean Museum:


I’m really enjoying going back through photos at the moment; when we can’t go anywhere, it’s a great form of escapism.

I hope everyone is coping ok at this weird time. Stay safe.


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