2019 Favourites

To round up 2019 I’ve decided to collect all of my favourite things of the year in one post. This includes places I’ve been as well as cultural experiences, clothes, makeup & skincare I’ve bought and loved this year.


1. Favourite hotel:

The Newt, Somerset, UK.


…and budget/family friendly hotel; Mollies, Oxford, UK.


2. Favourite city:

Bordeaux, France.


(My very belated post on Bordeaux will be coming soon but I absolutely loved this city.)

3. Favourite landmarks visited:

The Real Alcazar, Seville….


….and the Metropol Parasol, Seville, Spain.


4. Rooftops:

The Ned, London….


….and Mama Shelter, Bordeaux. 


5. Restaurants:

Bassiviere, Lot-et-Garonne, France…


and The Beckford Bottle Shop, Bath, UK (I love this restaurant/wine bar and yet have no pics of it as it’s wonderfully dark and atmospheric when I go in the evening. I’ll make sure I go in the day next time!)


1. Favourite exhibition:

The Dior exhibition at the V & A, London.


2. Favourite book:

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo.


3. Favourite film:

Motherless Brooklyn.



1. Most worn item:

White Gucci trainers (still available here):


These are so comfortable and I would definitely buy another white pair.

3. Favourite new item:

Saloni jacket (sold-out).


I bought this at Matches Fashion and adore it. I love a statement jacket and will do a post on statement pieces in the New Year as they are integral to my wardrobe.

4. Favourite designer:

D’Ascoli; particularly for their silk dresses which are so light, colourful and beautifully made.


5. Favourite online shop:

Matches Fashion

6. Favourite high street shop:



I’ll caveat this by saying I do think skincare and makeup is extremely personal. My particular skincare-must is hydration, hydration, hydration and I therefore go for quite rich oils, serums and creams.

1. Favourite new (to me) skincare:

Sarah Chapman cleanser.


I love this as it’s extremely nourishing and doesn’t strip my skin or leave it feeling tight. It’s quite serum-like and wouldn’t be great if you wear a lot of makeup.

2. Favourite new (to me) makeup:

Huda eyeshadow palette in Medium Nude Obsessions.


I bought this eyeshadow palette fairly recently online and was expecting it to be shades of brown but it is much more pink than I expected. If I had known, I wouldn’t have bought it; however I am surprisingly (and thankfully) loving it and would buy it again.

3. Favourite all-time skincare

Skinceuticals C E Ferulic


This product was introduced to me by a dermatologist/GP and it’s an expensive habit but my skin loves it and I certainly notice if I stop using it. Probably best for more mature skin.

4. Favourite all-time makeup item:

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish powder (medium).


I have never used a powder I like until this year. I don’t like to wear a lot of makeup on my skin as I don’t like the feel of it and hate that ‘caked-on’ look. I just use a tiny bit of this around my eyes and t-zone – perfect light coverage.

5. Favourite hair care:

Insight shampoo


My mother-in-law gave me this shampoo last year on the advice of her hairdresser who styled my hair once. I had never heard of it before and I was so impressed that I re-purchased it almost straight away. It’s so nice to have a shampoo that isn’t expensive but leaves my hair feeling really clean and not weighed-down in any way.

6. Favourite body skincare item:

Clinique Relax Body Treatment oil.


These body oils by Clarins were reintroduced to me this year as I received a tester with some other products and I had forgotten how much I loved the scent. This is particularly great on holiday and in the Winter when my skin needs some additional help to combat dryness. It is an oil though so it doesn’t sink in straight away.

7. Best healthcare item/supplement:

MegaMag, Calmeze.


This was introduced to me by a fantastic personal trainer. It’s great if you exercise quite a lot or want something to help you sleep and/or stop cramps plus it’s also good for your heart.  I only take it 2-3 times a week on days that I work-out, it really helps me relax and get to sleep.

8. Best spa treatment:

Skinceuticals Facial at the Cowshed Spa, Babington House.


I can honestly say that this (and microdermabrasion) is the only facial I have ever had where the results last for more than a day. An expensive treat but absolute bliss!

Wishing you all the best and good health and happiness for the New Year.



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