Packing for France ’19

It’s so exciting to do a ‘Packing for…’ post! I just can’t wait to spend some quality time with my family eating copious amounts of cheese and other wonderful French produce.

This holiday we’re off to Bordeaux and into the French countryside exploring beautiful villages and hopefully a smattering of Chateaux and vineyards.

I’m not sure how much the weather is going to vary from day to night but I’m definitely going to pack a few long-sleeved options and a couple of trousers as even if the evenings are warm, there may be mosquitoes around.

I’m not going to lie; all my good intentions seem to have flown out the window and I have bought quite a few new things in the sales, most of which will be coming to France with me:



It’s such a cliche but yes, I’ll be taking stripes – hopefully a bit different to the usual Breton. These Solid & Striped shorts aren’t in the sale but I realised I only had two pairs of shorts that I actually wear, so they are a welcome and fun addition. They’re  true to size and a nice shape (although, quite short) and I can’t wait to wear them with the amazing silk shirt that I found in the Matches sale by La Prestic Ouiston (one of my new favourite brands).

The Whistles bikini was in the sale and I’ve bought some black Heidi Klein skimpier bikini bottoms (also in the sale) to mix with it, as I always find that the more high-waisted bikinis, although supremely comfortable are real man-repellers.  


The tie-dye t-shirts are men’s ones from Asos – I much prefer the over-sized slouchy tees for men and tie-dye has become my surprise love for Summer. For some reason men’s tie-dye clothes seem to be in much nicer colour combinations and less likely to have slogans over them (the pink one has weird ‘tabs’ on but I just cut them off).


I’m also be packing quite a few dresses for both day and evening (most of these are no longer available but I have linked similar, where possible).



The first item is new and by another Summer favourite – Le Sirenuse, Positano. I have another kaftan of their’s in the same style but different colours, and they are made of the most amazingly light cotton-muslin. 

Accessories are always a must when traveling as they can switch-up an outfit from day to night. I always try and wear the more precious/easy to damage items on the plane to keep them safe.




The first 3 items are new. The necklace was in the Matches sale (unfortunately now sold out) and the bucket hat and hoop earrings were a last minute purchase. 

Last year I ruined a very nice Sensi Studio straw hat by getting it wet, so I’m not taking any chances (particularly with my beloved straw Etro hat) this year. We’re planning to go kayaking down the Dordogne river, so I think this bucket hat will be perfect as it’s practical, fashionable and will work colour-wise with my Whistles bikini (plus, it will be good in my Autumn wardrobe). 

I bought the Missoma hoops as I’ve been looking for some for a while but didn’t want big, thin hoops that were brashy. I think these will work perfectly all year-round and love that they’re textured and light-weight. 


If I’ve got room I might throw in my vintage Gucci crossbody (for when I’m in the city – I love this new vintage-style here) and another more colourful tote (probably my vintage Balenciaga) for variety.

I’ll also be taking some old denim shorts, a navy pair of J-Crew linen trousers, some old Heidi Klein bikinis and some cover-ups (mostly Missoni-Mare) for by the pool. 

Of course, I’ll document where I’m going on Instagram, and on here when I get back. If anyone has some tips for this area of France, do let me know.



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