Exploring Seville

Seville is perfect for a long weekend away. We loved the Alcazar (see my previous posts on Seville) but even if you don’t get there, it’s a great city for just wandering around, stopping for Spanish coffees in little squares and eating copious amounts of tapas.



It’s so beautiful and I would feel quite safe wandering around the city on my own.

Not to be missed would be the picturesque Santa Cruz neighbourhood, the Alcazar, the cathedral and Parasol.

Even if you get lost, you’ll discover some wonderful hidden gems. There are some stunning facades and beautiful orange tree-lined-squares to stumble upon.


We loved the Santa Cruz area with its narrow streets and lovely restaurants, although I expect it gets very busy in the Summer months.



If it gets too hot you can always cool down in the nearest restaurant or hotel courtyard and seek shade in the parks.


One of the things we always try and do in a city is to view it from above. We love a rooftop restaurant or bar but we found Seville is somewhat lacking in this department. Thankfully we had a lovely terrace in our Airbnb:


The best views however are to be found from the magnificent honeycomb structure that is the Metropol Parasol. In order to access the viewing platform you need to go down the stairs underneath it, to get a ticket and access the lift.



We spent quite a long time here as it was so peaceful and  mesmerising with the juxtaposition of light and shadows cast by the intricate structure.

Seville is also famous for its flamenco. We just so happened to find a wonderful dancer performing by the cathedral but there are other dedicated places to watch flamenco shows if you want to see the real thing.


I think Seville is one of those cities you can return to a number of times and discover new things to see and do.



I definitely wouldn’t say no to a return trip.




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