Packing for Seville 🇪🇸

By the time Easter comes around I’m desperate for a holiday. This time we’re going to Seville, Spain and once again my hubby has insisted we go with hand luggage only (eye-roll). I therefore need to be particularly savvy in the packing department and looking at the weather forecasts, this is going to be a tricky one; with temps of 20+ degrees by the afternoons with occasional rain and cooling off in the mornings and evenings; not exactly a packing dream.

To save space and because it’s still quite cold in the UK I’m going to wear two jumpers on the plane with jeans, a scarf and trainers (these will be the bulkiest clothes I’ll be taking).


I’ll also have to wear my new Etro hat to ensure it doesn’t get crushed (although I may have to replace it with a rain hat last minute)!

The hat, cream jumper and trainers will also go with some new leopard-print trousers I bought by Mes Demoiselles:


…and then when it warms up I’ll wear these with a Velvet tee (similar here) and sandals. They’ll also go with the yellow linen shirt I bought last Summer from Anthropologie (similar here). A shirt is a great layering piece and this colour brightens up the jeans & also goes with the leopard-print trousers. With just the above pieces alone, I can create a handful of different looks, but obviously I’m not going to stop there.

I’ll of course be packing a few dresses and, surprise, surprise some D’Ascoli will be coming with me (I promise I’m not paid by or gifted them – I would say if I was – I just love them):


The purple & green one is a new addition – the lovely Stephanie at Marie & Lola let me pre-order it and they’re now available online. It’s absolutely stunning and I love the colour combination and green tie-dye at the sides. I’ll also be taking my red silk dress of theirs, which is a favourite of mine and now on sale (this does come with a tie for the waist).

Another dress I’m taking is one of my Rhode Resort Ella dresses. I bought mine a few Summers ago but I also love these new ones:



It wouldn’t be a holiday without a multitude of prints, after all:


D’Ascoli dress, Rhode Resort dress, Mes Demoiselles trousers & Asos tie-dye tee.

I’ll also be getting out the Asos tie-dye men’s tee I bought last year. This one’s no longer available but I also like this one. I find the men’s tie-dye clothes much nicer as they tend to be less insipid and with bolder patterns, plus I love the oversized look.

The thing I probably find most difficult with only taking hand luggage is narrowing down the accessories, as I love my bags and shoes. You can’t do much about the shoes save for wearing your bulkiest ones on the plane, but in terms of bags I always buy a few that will pack flat. I’ll be taking an old Lanvin basket bag that flattens, my Gucci crossbody (small but roomy) and I’ve just tracked down the Ganni Fairmont bag in zebra print:


Sadly I think this was the last one – I’ve been looking for it for months as I had buyers remorse (I should have bought it in the sales at the end of last year). I bought the leopard print one (here) last Summer and took it to Portugal. I have got so much wear out of it – it holds a massive amount, can go over your shoulder, is extremely lightweight and can fold nicely into a small carry-on; plus the print adds an extra dimension to plainer outfits. Ganni usually brings them out in the same style but different prints so they’re worth keeping an eye out for.


Etro hat, Gucci Soho bag and Gucci shoes.

I’ll also be taking my Gucci backless loafers. I bought these 3 years ago and still think they’re the perfect travel companion. I guess I’m not the only one, as they’re still bringing new ones out (I really like these white ones).

As the forecast keeps changing I’m going to throw in another cashmere jumper by Pure Collection. I’ve just ordered this navy one (they currently have 40% off) as I get so much wear out of my other ones:


….and I can also fit this jacket in as it’s jersey and easy to fold (it’s from last year but I’ve linked another one I like on the image above).

Seville at Easter is going to be very busy and quite an experience.  If anyone has any tips – let me know!


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