Packing for Devon, UK

I was in two minds whether to write this post as this is the kind of staycation that calls for more practical clothing and if you know me or read my blog, you’ll know that’s not my style! If you’re heading to the UK coast and have been before, you’ll know the weather is somewhat unpredictable so being prepared is key.

We’re heading to Dartmouth for a few days which is a pretty town on the River Dart. We’ll be going to the beach, boating on the river and eating loads of seafood.

This part of Devon is not what I’d call a style hotspot! I’d advise to leave the Gucci tees and Chanel handbags – anything slightly flashy at home, just because you’ll feel even more out of place amongst all the Breton stripes, waterproofs, sailing attire etc. (Some of the things I’m taking are no longer in stock so I’ve linked to similar pieces where possible.)


Saying that, I will be taking my vintage Celine backpack as it’s so much easier to be handsfree jumping on and off boats, my trusty old Lanvin basket for around town, two pairs of jeans (incase one gets wet), some fun knits and trainers.


Being practical doesn’t have to be boring, I think it’s so important to have some fun things in your wardrobe and if they’re fun and practical, that’s all the better. We all have days (particularly those of us who have kids) where we need to wear “sensible clothes” and if I have something that makes me smile as well, then it makes me that little bit happier.


My Gucci rainbow trainers do exactly that. Unfortunately there is only one size left (that I can find) but I also like this Nike pair and these Stella McCartney ones. The Rhode Resort dress was from last year but I’ve linked the latest ones. Sometimes it’s nice to have a dress as an option if you get bored of jeans and these look great with flats/trainers because of the full skirt. (There’s definitely no point in taking any heels on this trip.)

The Zara Parker/jacket is a new purchase and I am so pleased with it. It has a rainbow striped back and is heavily embroidered with sequins and neon colours. (Just because a piece of clothing is from the High Street doesn’t mean it’s not a keeper/good investment.)


I’ll also be taking my very thin but slightly padded Max Mara gilet (similar style but in jacket form here) and a hooded waterproof (why does that word always make me cringe?!) just incase. Layers are key and don’t put all your faith in the weather forecast!




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