White City House, London

I’m not going to lie, I did have mixed feelings when I first arrived for a stay at White City House in West London (although do read on!). I’m all for discreet entrances up to a point, but got thoroughly confused when I arrived as to where Reception was. (I didn’t realise before, that Television Centre is actually very big and from what I can gather, not all of it is being taken over by Soho House but some is being converted into apartments.)


The entrance is actually where the red and white awnings are (in case you need to know) on the right hand side of the building (just seen through the trees in this pic).

The ground-floor open-plan space is open to the general public:


I loved the furnishings and the fun feeling of having accidentally walked onto a set.

I stayed in a “cosy room” which is one category up from a “tiny room”.


True to Soho House form, the bedrooms and bathrooms have beautiful touches and every inch of space has been carefully thought out. I particularly loved the turquoise tiles and my mint green telephone. Not to forget that dreamy bed which took up most of the room!

As I’d had a long day having way too much fun with my sister,  I decided to stay in and order room service:


For some reason being gluten-free can be a bit of a challenge when ordering room service in any hotel. I hoped that White City would be an exception but unfortunately I was disappointed. I had the choice of three very simply cooked, rather uninspiring dishes (steak, seabass or chicken). I chose the chicken which although nice and tender, seemed to have a very bitter tang to the tomato sauce (maybe too heavy on the basil?) and I ended up leaving half of it. The chips were amazing though!

Thankfully the next day was much more promising on the food-front.


I had this gorgeous fruit salad followed by scrambled eggs and smoked salmon (SH really does the best scramble!). It was  delicious and the service was fantastic. I had this on my favourite club floor in the stunning tropical atrium:



I could have stayed here all day; it was absolute bliss on a sunny morning.

Also on this floor (which is the middle floor of the club/membership space) are two bars, a snooker room and quite a few lounging spaces with lots of references to the buildings TV heritage (if you’re of a certain Vintage – as I am, you can spend quite a long and amusing time wandering round the building finding these).



The club space on the floor below this one is more of a private party space….


…and the rooftop is definitely the place to be if you are in your 20s and like to be seen and/or people watch.


The rooftop with it’s pool is actually quite sweet but probably because it had just opened was absolutely heaving. For that reason, I much preferred the quieter lower floor.

In the basement is the huge gym, indoor swimming pool and electric cinema. The pool reminded me of a slightly less-glamorous version of The Ned’s (blog post here). The changing rooms are definitely worth a mention as per usual!



Overall I enjoyed my stay at WCH. I loved all the witty references to BBC programmes gone-by, the interiors, furnishings, artwork and friendly staff. It’s definitely not my favourite Soho House though, and if I were to visit again I would avoid room service and maybe not stay on a Friday or Saturday night when it’s heaving with people.

For more information and to book click here.



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