Deia & Valldemossa, Mallorca

Whilst we were in Mallorca we took a drive to the North of the island to visit the villages of Deia and Valldemossa.

Deia is quite small, in a beautiful setting surrounded by mountains and dropping down to the sea.


There is not much to do here but appreciate the beautiful scenery whilst taking a stroll. Do take a walk up to the church which is in a great position to get 360 degree views.


Deia is home to the hotel La Residencia (Matthew Williamson has just finished designing a suite here). This is a very pretty hotel set in 2 stone Mallorcan manor houses and if you’re not staying it’s worth popping in for a drink or bite to eat.


From there be sure to take the very windy, narrow road down to the beach which is absolutely stunning and have a meal in the gorgeous Ca’s Patro March restaurant (you may need to book in advance). This is actually more of a beach shack overhanging the clear azure sea – order an ice-cold drink and the grilled squid salad – absolute heaven!


If you are getting deja vu and watched The Night Manager – this is the restaurant in the kidnapping scene!

Next we headed to the nearby village of Valldemossa which seemed a bit more lively with more shops and cafes. I loved all the beautifully decorated doorways and friendly-feel.


The honey-coloured stone is just stunning in the changing light.

On our way back to the Finca (details here) we stopped at the amazing Coves de Campanet. These caves are not as famous as the Coves del Drach to the East of the island but we wanted to show our boys some less commercial ones, seeing as they had not been to any before.

We arrived to the welcoming scent of orange blossom and despite being told that photos were forbidden (not sure why, considering you don’t need a flash) we took a few sneaky ones. Of course the photos don’t do it justice as we were all completely in awe. It is quite expensive (particularly if you are a family) but we had a lovely guide who gave us an interesting history of the cave and we thought it was worth it.


It really felt like a cathedral inside and that Gaudi had been let loose in there! Absolutely incredible!

My next travel post will be the last on our trip to Mallorca. We really did have the best time!



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