Packing for Mallorca

Not long now until we’re off on a family holiday to Mallorca.I love this Balearic Island. This time we’ll be staying in a finca at the foot of the Tramuntana Mountains, so quite different to our last stays in bustling, stylish Palma.

I think I’ve finally learnt the art of packing (taking hand luggage only) thanks to my trip to France last year. The key is to work with a specific colour palette so that you can mix and match as much as possible. For this trip I’ve chosen yellows, blues and neutrals.

A few new purchases I’ll be taking with me are (click image for link):


I couldn’t resist this lace-up linen shirt from Anthropologie. I bought it two sizes larger as I wanted it to be light and airy (as all Summer shirts should be) and also some of the smaller sizes looked quite short. This will be a great layering piece.


Cashmere knits are always a must for traveling. I really like the sweatshirt-shape of this Pure Collection one and the amazing bright green shade. I’ve sized up one and love the slightly dipped hem at the back (the arms are quite tight though but will probably give slightly with wear).


Every year I seem to buy myself a long-sleeved Summer dress. I just love that Bohemian floaty-dress look with bare-feet and big earrings. There’s something so care-free & easygoing about it that just screams ‘Summer’. This dress is just that. It’s by D’Ascoli at MatchesFashion  (definitely one to watch in my opinion). The light fabric, pattern, considered design & stunning fluted sleeves are simply beautiful and I can’t wait to wear it.

The Zara jacket featured in my ‘Trail-Blazers’ post has finally come back from the tailor as I had a few inches taken off the length and the sleeves taken-up, so I’m thinking about wearing this on the plane. I do like to wear fairly colourful things traveling as it puts me in a good mood.

Other more last-minute purchases are:


I’m constantly on the lookout for jeans. These Citizen for Humanity Cara ones are perfect for Summer – I love the lighter shade, high waist & flattering shape.

The chinos from Anthropologie are a great colour – they go really well with yellow and I love them with my Gucci tee which I’ll also be taking. Also whilst in Anthropologie I found some gorgeous dark green joggers with a white stripe down the side – they only appear to be in-store at the moment. They are so comfy and really leg-lengthening  – they’re by a brand called “Seen Worn Kept” (if they come online I’ll put a link here).


The leopard-print shirt is by a brand called Pyrus which I hadn’t heard of before. Its quite overpriced considering it’s made of viscose but I fell in love with the colour and print, and know I’ll get a lot of wear out of it.

Some ‘old’ favourites I’m taking are these (where possible I’ve linked to similar items):


I’m hoping I can sneak another pair of shoes in and may also have to take a more practical (snore) jacket incase it rains.

What I really need is for someone to make a bottomless hand luggage case, because creating a capsule collection to take on holiday is way too upsetting for my liking. I always feel I’m being unfaithful to the clothes I leave behind.


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