Whatley Manor, Wiltshire 🇬🇧

I have been meaning to go to Whatley Manor for quite some time. Sitting just outside Malmesbury in the Cotswolds it’s an ideal countryside retreat. Particularly well known for its food (the Dining Room has a Michelin star and is open for dinner from Wednesday to Sunday),  we decided to go for Sunday lunch at the newly refurbished Grey’s Brasserie.


Considering I had two children with me the Maitre d’ was extremely welcoming and friendly (I wish I could say this of all nice restaurants in the UK).

The Sunday lunch menu is 3 courses so go hungry!


The star of the show for me was the roast chicken and polenta (I think I may have been inappropriately moaning at one point, it was so good). I never usually order chicken as I eat a lot of it at home but for some reason I really fancied it and wow, what a treat it was! Really soft, tender chicken with crispy skin on the smoothest, creamiest polenta – so well seasoned and full of flavour. I would travel a long way to eat this again.

After our 2-hour extravaganza we were extremely full and decided to have a look around the rest of the hotel.



This is such a beautiful property – originally an 18th Century farmhouse. The gardens are also a huge highlight.



The grounds are beautifully maintained and I am definitely up for coming back in the Spring/Summer to see how the garden transforms and to eat more of that delicious food!

If you are looking for a slice of olde England or just simply some good food in lovely surroundings, Whatley Manor is definitely a contender. Sunday lunch is £36 for three courses. For further info click here.


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