What Goes Around, Comes Around

Fashion has always been cyclical and this year is no exception. Although for some reason to me, it definitely feels like it’s less forward-thinking this year. Having lived through the obsession with the 90’s Supermodels (Linda being my fave), I’m not sure I can face that particular look again.

There is also the Princess Di look and 80s revival (with puff ball skirts on the Feb 2018 edition of Elle) and although I am old enough and perhaps wise enough not to be a slave to fashion, I still love a bit of a wardrobe update each season.

What I am loving however, is the revival of more vintage and retro looking pieces – things that have the potential to be future classics and should therefore have more longevity in your wardrobe (click image for link):


Unsurprisingly, I love all these bags! They are not cheap but hopefully the price-per-wear over the course of a lifetime would balance out the initial outlay.

Logo-mania is still going strong and also a pretty good investment in my eyes – it always comes around again in the style-stakes:


I bought these Gucci tees last year and they’re still getting sold out. (If you want a logo tee but don’t want to look like everyone else, head to the men’s section and bag yourself a cheaper one in a different colour or design.)

Of course if you can get hold of vintage-finds, you’ll not only save money but get extra kudos for being environmentally-friendly and original.


There are also a lot of retro prints and shapes this year particularly in terms of trainers (chunky) and sunglasses, not to mention the return of the bumbag:


I’ve always loved a bit of tongue-in-cheek fun when it comes to my wardrobe but you do need to be a bit brave to pull some of these looks off. They also have quite a man-repeller quality about them, so maybe not to be worn on date nights!

I’ll share my latest wardrobe additions with you in my next fashion post (although I am trying to be good!).



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