Gluten-Free Rocky Road

Making Rocky Road is hardly rocket science but I thought I’d share my gluten-free recipe as I found it tricky getting the right biscuits and the right balance of ingredients. 


Children and adults love Rocky Road so I wanted to make a version that we could all eat. Even though it’s gluten-free, my Rocky Road aficionado/ eldest son has given it his seal of approval (which is no mean feat, I can tell you!).

These are best made a couple of days before you want to eat them (a great test in will power) as it gives the biscuits time to soften slightly and for some reason they just taste better.

Ingredients (makes 10-13, for best results make 2 days before eating):

100g Dark Chocolate

2tbsp Golden Syrup

60g Unsalted Butter

80g Schar Rich Tea biscuits

100g Large Marshmallows (these are more generous & less chewy than the mini marshmallows)

40g Mixed Nuts (I use cashews, hazelnuts, Brazils & pistachios)

6 Glacé Cherries

1tbsp Sultanas

Pinch of Maldon Salt

Icing Sugar (for dusting)


The great thing about Rocky Road is that it doesn’t require cooking. If you haven’t eaten Schar Rich Teas before, buy more than one packet – they are the closest to a ‘normal’ biscuit that I have come across.


They are now stocked at most UK supermarkets, are beautifully crisp and have a great flavour. (I haven’t used gluten-free digestive biscuits in this recipe as they tend to be ‘gritty’.)

First, crush the biscuits into bite-size pieces with a rolling pin. Then add the nuts.


Half the marshmallows and cherries, and add them to the mixing bowl with the sultanas and a pinch of crushed salt.

Melt the chocolate & butter, then stir in the golden syrup and add it to the dry mix.


Mix well in order that everything is evenly coated. Tip mixture into a lined tin/tray – I use a lined loaf tin as I like them to be quite chunky in depth. Pat down with a spatula to help the mix stick together.


Refrigerate for 1-2 hours before removing from tin and then cut into brownie-sized squares. Sprinkle all over with sieved icing sugar to stop the pieces from sticking together and store in an air-tight container in the fridge for 1-2 days before eating.

Hope you enjoy them and if you come across any other nice biscuits that would work, let me know!




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