The Love & Lust List

January & February are always my ‘down’ months, so inevitably a bit of retail therapy comes alongside the vitamin D spray. It’s always an exciting time when the first signs of Spring come; in the form of both flowers and clothes-drops. Therefore I’ve compiled the things I’m longing for with some of the pieces I’ve already bought, to share my love for the upcoming new season (click on image for link)…

Under £300

The Frame jeans, bright horizontal striped Pure Collection knit  & sleeveless 10 Crosby laced top have already made it into my wardrobe. The boots by Topshop I’ve just ordered, as I’m still gutted I missed out on the Balenciaga gold ones.

The jeans are quite different with their fabric-covered ‘buttons’ at the hems which you can unpop to give a more flared look. At the moment I’m wearing them with ankle boots…


… and once it’s warmer will pair them with my Gucci slides by day and heels by night.


The striped Pure Collection cashmere is great value for money & will brighten up any outfit either now or in the Spring/Summer (I sized up one, to get a looser fit).

The sleeveless top I only ordered yesterday from The OUTNET (it was selling out fast). I love its shape & the lacing at the side gives it a modern edge.

Under £500

The first three things above are now very firmly in my closet. I bought the Gucci T well before it was well and truly plastered over social media because I loved its retro look. Despite its popularity I don’t regret buying it as I think it’s a classic to have in my collection. In fact if they weren’t so overpriced I’d love to have a few more statement t-shirts as they are great for elevating an otherwise casual look or downplaying a smarter outfit.

I love it with an oversized cardigan & leather J Brands.


The Dodo Bar Or black & white jacket is simply stunning. I fell in love with this instantly & can’t wait to wear it again. The detail is beautiful but it is quite lightweight (although this hasn’t stopped me wearing it already with a poloneck underneath!).


I finally succumbed to a pair of Gucci trainers as I’d been looking at them on and off for the past year. We’ve got quite a few city breaks planned this year so I thought that was as good excuse as any for buying some comfy but stylish footwear!


I chose these particular ones as I liked the fact that they’re a bit different and I adore their shiny, mismatched backs.

Naughty (Over £500)

Ok, I have to confess that rarely does anything on my ‘naughty’ list get past the basket until it has hit the sales. This Prada bag was an exception. I’d seen it in different colours (notably pink & blue) and fallen in love with it, so when I saw it at Harrods in an adrenaline-fuled shopping spree with one of my best friends, all sensible reasoning went out the window. (I decided that I’d soon tire of the rather saccharine pink and fell for this colourway which wasn’t even on display on the shop floor at the time – this of course, made it all the more appealing!) I love that it can brighten up the most drab of outfits but is still very practical, light and surprisingly roomy. I am sure I will get a lot of wear out of it over the years.

What are your guilty purchases?


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