A Slice of History – Carcassonne, France

Our first stop in France was the fortified Medieval city of Carcassonne. Due to the fact that it is the second most visited city in France after Paris, visiting in August is probably not the best idea. Nevertheless it is well worth the crowds – in hindsight we should have gone first thing in the morning (we went around 5pm),  however it is stunningly atmospheric in the evening.


The citadel is  surrounded  by vineyards and it is wonderfully peaceful to wander through these and view this marvel from the outside – it really is a remarkable feat of engineering.



The beautiful turrets look like something out of a fairytale and the scale of it is quite magnificent.

We then explored within the walls and were amazed at how surreal it felt walking along the narrow, cobbled streets (definitely no heels to be worn here!).



The crowds and tall narrow streets can be oppressive in the heat of the day but there are lots of restaurants to nip in and out of.


We were advised to stay away from the main square for food and our wonderful host booked us a table in a hidden oasis which we were most grateful for. The restaurant is called ‘Le Jardin de la Tour’ and has a very unassuming entrance but has a large courtyard to the back which is beautifully quiet.

After a much-needed refuel and wine-stop we hopped back onto the cobbles to find a quieter scene. Carcassonne at night is quite spellbinding. It really is a must-see!



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