Grand Canal Views

I’m embarrassed to admit that last time I went to Venice, I never went on the water. I definitely made up for it this time!

Travelling up and down the Grand Canal (we went on the vaporetto) is definitely ‘a must’ when in Venice. Seeing all the grand palazzi in the day and then lit up in the evening is truly magical.


Our Airbnb was in the white palazzo above, 2nd from left (details of which are in my previous post “Arriving in Venice“).


The architecture just bowls you over – the detail in these buildings is just incredible. Even if you’re not into architecture, it’s impossible not to be impressed.

As the canal opened out, we felt as if we were in a Caravaggio painting.


The colours are so rich and change throughout the day. It made me realise why people come back at different times of the year.

We then hopped back on the vaporetto to go out for dinner and returned as the sun was setting.


The lights reflecting off the water are so atmospheric. It made leaving the next day even harder – I would definitely love to return and visit when the mists roll in and the air is cold and crisp.


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