Burano – The Rainbow Island

Whilst we were in Venice, we decided to jump on a ferry and go to the stunning island of Burano. Wow, this place does not disappoint!


Burano is actually an archipelago of four islands (linked by bridges) and is only a 40min boat ride from Venice. It lies to the north of the lagoon and is famous for it’s brightly coloured houses and lace making.

Like Venice, we found it to be  busy with tourists but as soon as we stepped away from the main ‘street’ it was beautifully quiet.

The colours are just astounding – you really have to see it to believe it. It almost feels like a toy town, it’s so surreal.


It’s quite small – we whiled away about 3-4 hours here – having a beautiful leisurely lunch of orecchiette and grilled swordfish at Restorante Da Forner (they have a set menu, so limited choice but lovely, simply-cooked, beautifully seasoned, Italian cooking) and wandering the streets, marvelling at all the amazing colours before we headed back to Venice.



Being a massive fan of bright colours, I adored it! Everyone we saw had a huge smile on their face. It really is such a magical place.



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